HNS miner FAQs

1. What to do before receive the miner?

Prepare stable network and power supply, provide a ventilated environment. These are necessary conditions for the operation of the miner.
In order to ensure the normal use of the miner, please be sure to check:
HS1&HS1-PLUS Tutorial
HS3 Tutorial

2. What to do after receive the miner?

It is necessary to check whether the appearance is abnormal before operation, gently shake the miner to check whether there is a sound of metal parts falling off.

3. Does HS1 (hs1-plus) support MacOS and Linux?

Goldshell miner software can only run under windows at present. But you can use other open source software to run on Macos and Linux. Please refer to: handyminer.

4. What else should be done after downloading Goldshell miner software?

First you need to apply for an HNS wallet address, and then select a pool which support HNS. (Dxpool is recommended in China, after applying for the account, the HNS generated will be automatically saved in dxpool’s wallet.)

5. After all preparations, how to put HS1 into operation?

After connecting the power supply and USB cable, a machine icon will appear on the interface. After setting up the pool, click the start mining icon, the blue indicator light will flash quickly, and the software interface will generate a hashrate curve, which proves that the equipment has started to run.

6. What to do if HS1 miner is set up and connected to the computer but can not be found?

It might because the computer does not have the corresponding driver installed. You can download the corresponding driver from the official website. After installation, restart the computer and open the software again.

7. HS1 (HS1-PLUS) failed to initialize the miner?

Check whether the driver is correctly installed. If it is, you can try to restart the computer, plug in and out the miner again.

8. HS1 (hs1-plus) prompt unable to connect to the pool or network error.

Check whether the setting of the pool is correct and fill in the parameters in strict accordance with the official website tutorial. It should be noted that different pools have different parameter settings.

9. The drive cannot be installed normally or the miner cannot be identified after the drive is installed

It is recommended to download the driver wizard to automatically detect and install the required driver when the miner is connected.

10. HS1 and HS1-PLUS failed to connect

Check the status of the device indicator. If the red and green lights are both not on, try to check the power supply or replace the power supply.

11. Why is it found that HS1 often has a loss of computing power or a decrease in computing power?

If your laptop or PC turns on the auto sleep mode, HS1 will not be able to control mining.

Please keep the computer running at all times. If not, try to update to the latest firmware version.

12. Why does the device start to run normally, but hashrate can’t be seen on the mining pool or the hashrate is less than that on the PC?

After the operation, hashrate will have some delay at the pool. (delays vary from pool to pool.)

13. What to do if the computing power has a great fluctuation ?

You can first detect whether the network fluctuates greatly. If it is a network problem, you can contact the local operator to solve it. If the network is normal, but the computing power still fluctuates greatly, you can contact Goldshell customer service for consultation.

14. The controller light flickers abnormally, but the hashrate and HW (number of hardware errors) are normal. What to do?

It is determined that the LED fault, but it does not affect the use. the controller can be repaired if needed.(the same with the chip board).

15. The temperature of miner is too high, but the ambient temperature is normal?

Check whether the official power supply is used and whether the power supply voltage is normal.

16. What if the miner is frequently disconnected?

Check whether the ambient temperature is normal and whether the power supply in the room is suitable for the operation of miner(2000W). If all are normal, repair the whole miner is allowed.

17. HW(number of hardware errors) is too high?

Check whether the official power supply is used. If the ambient is normal, repair is allowed.

18. How to deal with HS3's insufficient computing power?

Check whether the board is working. If the computing board is not in working state, the following steps should be taken: disconnect the power supply, cross exchange the wiring between the fault computing board and the controller with the adjacent boards, and take photos. Our staff will check whether the fault baffle board was displaced. If it is determined the computing board problem, we will repair the computing board. If it is not displaced, the controller is judged to be faulty and the controller will be repaired.